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What happens when the worst day of your life meets up with the best thing that ever happened to you?

You get a Riley McKissack Novel.

Never an ordinary day in Riley’s world, heroes and heroines must fight for what they want, what anybody deserves – love, and the safety of the people they love.

Targeted To Kill is book one in a new series, Men of the Badge, with stories of men who have served together in law enforcement. They may move on, but their loyalty to each other continues.

They will be there for each other when the call comes in. That someone needs protecting, rescuing, or just needs to talk it over, over a beer.

The first book is Targeted to Kill, the story of Mick Hampton and Becca Jefferson, the woman he loved and walked away from. Her life is on the line. And Mick Hampton will not fail another person that he loves. Not this time.


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