The Killer You Know

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The car lights closed on her with the speed of an approaching meteor. She pressed down on the gas, barely keeping ahead of the speeding car, its engine growling like a black panther on her tail.

Her lungs contracted, and it seemed as though no oxygen was getting to her brain. But, her heart pounded in her chest, frantically trying to help her mind understand what was happening.

“What the …” She peered in the mirror at the dark vehicle, trying to make out the driver’s face. But, the car was completely black, no interior glow at all.

Her heart pounded and racketed in her chest like a wild animal trying to get out of a cage. She tried to swallow but her mouth was so dry it felt like she’d gulped a mouthful of sawdust.

The SUV followed incredibly closely, drafting on her bumper like a bicycle going down the mountain road. The driver acted almost as if he didn’t realize he had hit her.

Or didn’t care?

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