Tempted to Kill

Danger swirls through the pages of Tempted to Kill along with the enticement that lurks, ready to sweep ordinary people into dark, forbidden passions and desires. Drugs, or the chemistry between two people that have no business together. Both can kill. Because both can distort the perception that is necessary to decide between what is safe and what is dangerous. Alisa Maynard steps into a dark underworld of drugs and sex trafficking of underage girls in order to find her missing, teenaged sister. Weston McCall works undercover in this world. His job is to blend in with the dangerous people who live on the edges of safe society in Atlanta, Georgia, men and women who will provide anything for a price. The chemistry between Alisa and Weston is almost as life threatening as any of the drugs that are readily available. Because, it interferes with the laser-sharp awareness needed to maintain their ruses. The danger that exists if anyone uncovers either Alisa or Weston’s mission could cost them their lives.

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