No Trust in the City

There’s a thin line between doing the right thing and self-preservation. A wrong step either way can prove disaster. Kelsey Tifton always swore she would do the right thing. Her father paid a price for doing that but it has only served to reinforce her sense of ethics.

The police are supposed to be the good guys, the ones you call when you’re in trouble. They shouldn’t be the people you fear the most. Unfortunately, not all police believe that. A few believe the badge gives them rights that conflict with the rights of citizens.

If Kelsey can’t figure out who are the good guys, versus which ones want her dead …

Too bad that the guy who stirs her blood into a tempest might be one of the bad guys.

Kelsey’s job in the evidence room of the Atlanta Police Department makes her a vital link in the chain of custody. Breaking that link can allow criminals to walk free.

That’s something she is determined to prevent. No matter how much danger that brings her.There’s a thin line between doing the right thing and self-

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